Lt Freya First Assignment – Soundtrack


“First Assignment – A Lt. Freya Story” is an adult visual novel by Space Smut Comics. Written, drawn, and coded by Jen Pallante and produced / logo by @RiaFeir (twitter). 

Space Smut Comics presents the full soundtrack to Lt. Freya First Assignment- a visual novel. The music was composed by Lt. Freya artist and writer Jen Pallante and spans from dark industrial to light and free ambient. 

This is a free release which includes 12 original tracks (including the heavy hitting theme song CIRCLES!)

This zip file includes the soundtrack in fixed 320 kbps mp3 format, as well as the cover art.  

01 Circles
02 Intro
03 The End
04 Chill Vibes
05 Soft and Sober
06 Soothing Romance
07 Time
08 Talking
09 Bad News Coming
10 Angy
11 Bad Vibes
12 Sick Vibes

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FIRST ASSIGNMENT will be out by the end of July, 2021 as a free download available from Space Smut Comics’ website. Follow our twitter at @JenPallante for updates, art, and more! 


Lt. Freya – First Assignment – Music by Jen Pallante