Lt. Freya – Issue 08 – Loyalty Part 2 – Page 16,17,18

3 thoughts on “Lt. Freya – Issue 08 – Loyalty Part 2 – Page 16,17,18

  1. a black powder revolver? guy has a thing for… fashion over function? I’m gonna pick on the pig for a moment. If that’s not some futuristic pistol made up to look like an oldie then he’s more used to just waving it around and getting his way than actually using it. That’s a single action, means you’ve got to pull the hammer back before you can shoot it. I have no doubts Fox could have it out of his long before pig even remembered that its not ready. Hell, Barney Fife probably could disarm him without getting shot.

    1. I made that choice actually! It’s a world of plasma bolt guns and high tech wizardry. So why a gun? It’s messy. It’s bloody. It’s primitive. It hurts more, you die slower. Kreiger is a fascist, and an allegory for our modern day problems. So he uses a pistol. It’s a symbol that ties the thread of cruelty through the ages. <3 glad someone noticed.

      1. well, I noticed and the pig is a arrogant diva ;P (though I guess that’s the point)

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